Canvas Breakout

Reusing Someone Else’s Blog

I had intended to further animate the wheel I’d created in my previous post and demonstrate how to move the wheel around the screen.

That got me thinking about bouncing the wheel (ball?) around the borders of the Canvas. Which got me thinking about the game breakout, which is near and dear to my heart because that’s closest to my favorite game of all: pinball.

Anyway, I had all these great ideas in mind when I found this post. When you’ve finished the exercises, about 15-30 minute’s worth of work, you’ll have developed a simple version of breakout. All in JavaScript and using Canvas. Check it out—you can even modify the code in the code panel and click ‘run code’ to see it in action. Well done.

Seeing how it was never my intent to demonstrate how to create games with JavaScript and HTML5, but rather to showcase the potential of these technologies, we’ll leave the big wheels and breakouts alone. I’ll soon be showing how to use these technologies for a more useful purpose.

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I'm an enterprise architect/developer who enjoys programming, math, music, physics, martial arts and beer
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