What Hackers Never Learned About the Presidential Candidates

After all the primaries and all the debates we find that several questions that have been on our minds have never been answered (in no particular order):

  1. Are you a Mac or PC? It’s silly, but fanboys everywhere want to know.
  2. Do you support the Open Government Initiative?
  3. Do you believe patents should apply to software? If not, how would you propose to unwind existing patents?
  4. Should software developers require licensing for creating critical software such as:
    • flight control systems/avionics
    • medical monitors/scanners/devices
    • automotive control systems
    • anywhere humans can be killed/injured by malfunctioning software
  5. Do you believe we’re free to rip content that we’ve purchased, audio CDs and DVDs?
  6. Do you believe we’re free to sell our digital purchases? Can we bequeath them when we die?
  7. Should we provide an educational grant to an American student studying in a technical field for every H1B visa issued?
  8. Should the U.S. invest in broadband infrastructure to ensure all citizens have access to high-speed, low-cost data access?
  9. Are open source software contributors indemnified from tort lawsuits?
  10. What are your thoughts on cyber warfare? Is it just to use bombs, guns and missiles in response to a cyber attack?
  11. Do you believe the Federal Government is free to eavesdrop on any OTA transmission, for example cellular calls and data transfers, and any information provided to a public network, for example Facebook, without the need to obtain a warrant? In other words what are your views on privacy in the digital age especially as it relates to federal investigations?
  12. Some groups have advocated that Internet access is a fundamental human right. Do you therefore believe that the suspension of Internet services as part of a sentence for a crime committed is in violation of the 8th amendment of the U.S. constitution?
  13. Do you believe the public’s right to Internet access may be suspended or restricted during times of war or civil unrest?

What questions would you have liked to have had answered prior to going into the voting booth next Tuesday? Share your thoughts in the comments.


About taylodl

I'm an enterprise architect/developer who enjoys programming, math, music, physics, martial arts and beer
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