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Functional JavaScript – Currying

Introduction Simply put, currying is the means for reducing the arity of a function. That’s it. If prior to currying a function accepted n parameters then after currying a new function will have been created accepting fewer than n parameters. … Continue reading

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It all starts with CONS

Introduction My son wrote a post List Processing in C which he noted can be used down the road to implement a Lisp interpreter. Which got me thinking, how difficult would it be to write a list processor, a la … Continue reading

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Functional JavaScript – Tail Call Optimization and Trampolines

Introduction The JavaScript Memoization series introduced a recursive Fibonacci sequence generator. Memoization, a method of caching results, was used to enhance performance. Performance can also be enhanced by tail call optimization. Tail Call Optimization Tail call optimization is a compiler … Continue reading

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Maintenance Driven Development

Dodgy Coder wrote a post about old school developers achieving a lot with a little. Developers such as Ken Thompson, Joe Armstrong, and Jamie Zawinski essentially eschew modern development practices and ideologies — Agile, Scrum, XP, TDD — and instead … Continue reading

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On Time Estimating

I needed to replace the kitchen faucet over the weekend. I’ll spare you the details of how long it takes a wife to pick out the faucet she’d like and how many stores it requires to visit in order to … Continue reading

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