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Functional JavaScript – Currying

Introduction Simply put, currying is the means for reducing the arity of a function. That’s it. If prior to currying a function accepted n parameters then after currying a new function will have been created accepting fewer than n parameters. … Continue reading

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Functional JavaScript – Memoization, Part II

Introduction In Part 1 of this series we looked at a simple function generator for memoizing functions. Recall memoized functions are functions that cache their results; once the value is determined for a particular input the value is placed into … Continue reading

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Functional JavaScript – Memoization, Part I

Introduction I recently attended Neal Ford’s functional thinking presentation at COJUG. Neal aims to introduce functional programming concepts to traditional developers. Neal covered a lot of ground but for now I want to focus on one aspect of his presentation: … Continue reading

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Another Look at JavaScript

I attended CodeMash this year for the first time. If you’ve never been to CodeMash then I urge you to go. It’s a conference for developers and run by developers. Not a bunch of marketing fluff and product road maps … Continue reading

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